Versionsauswahl und Alte Projektdateien öffnen / speichern

SERVOsoft supports opening all old projects, including project files from the first release in October 2004. As SERVOsoft continues to evolve, rest assured with full backwards compatibility for opening all your old project files.

Version Mode allows users to save project files in the current or previous version file format and file extension.

When a project file created by an earlier version is opened, the program automatically switches to the previous version mode. So if a v2 or v3 project file are opened by v4, then the program switches to v3 mode. The program will continue to support saving project files one major version prior. So if the program version is v4, then v3 and v4 modes are possible.

In the Main form, users can switch to/from the previous/current version mode by selecting from the drop down list as shown.

If any features added in the current version are being used by the current project, switching to the previous version mode is not possible. In this case, a list of the features being used are shown, and the user must decide to remove/disable the use of those features, and then try again to swtich to the previous version mode.

When in the previous version mode, features added in the current version are hidden/resistricted. There are no restrictions to switch to the current version mode.

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