Error Log File


XY Chart provides detailed diagnostics using an error log file.  When an error occurs and the error log feature is enabled, XY Chart first creates an error log file if does not already exist, and then writes the error details to the file.  Only one log file is created and updated for each application using one or more instances of this control.  The name of the log file is XYChartErr.Log and it is found in the directory where the compiled application is run.  Here is a sample of an error log entry:

[Form1.XYChartCtl2] 8/9/2003 7:54:53 PM Error message: (ChartData) Y data not numeric.  Defaulting to 0.  (Error data at index: 3, row: 32)

The format of the error log is as follows:                                                              


To Enable Feature

Programmatically set the LogFile property to configure and enable this feature.