Use this method to print the chart.  The chart image is scaled to fit the printable area based on the paper size and the PrintSettings properties - left, top, right and bottom margins and orientation (portrait or landscape).  The aspect ratio (height-to-width) is maintained.  The print dialog appears if PrintSettings.ShowDialog = True.



With XYChartCtrl
.PrintSettings.LeftMargin = 1            ' 1 inch left margin
    .PrintSettings.TopMargin = 1             ' 1 inch top margin
    .PrintSettings.RightMargin = 1           ' 1 inch right margin
    .PrintSettings.BottomMargin = 1          ' 1 inch bottom margin
    .PrintSettings.Orientation = poLandscape ' Landscape orientation
    .PrintSettings.ShowDialog = True         ' Print dialog will be displayed when the PrintChart method is called
End With


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