Use this property to return/set values that determines the plot's crosshairs characteristics.  Crosshairs are active whenever the Crosshairs Toolbar button is selected.

CrossHairs uses the CrossHairs Class set of properties for its characteristics.



XYChartCtrl.Toolbar.Visible = True                'Display the Toolbar

XYChartCtrl.Legend.Visible = True                 'Display the Legend

XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.HorizontalVisible = True   'Display the horizontal crosshair

XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.VerticalVisible = True     'Display the vertical crosshair

longValue = XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.Color          'Returns the crosshairs color
XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.Color = RGB(0,0,255)       'Three different methods for setting the
XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.Color = vbBlue             'crosshairs color to Blue
XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.Color = &hFF0000

XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.Width = woTwoPoint         'Set the crosshairs width

XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.CoordsVisible = True       'Display the crosshair coordinates

XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.CoordsBackcolor = vbGreen  'Set the coordinates back color to Green

XYChartCtrl.CrossHairs.YCoordInLegend = True      'Display profile's y-coordinate, based on crosshairs x-value, in legend 

XYChartCtrl.Refresh                               'Refresh required to update chart with changes made


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