Use this property to return/set values that determines the chart's horizontal and vertical scrollbar characteristics.  Unless its visible property is set to FALSE, the horizontal and vertical scrollbars are displayed when a zoom-in occurs (see Toolbar).  

Scrollbars uses the Scrollbar Class set of properties for its characteristics.



boolValue = XYChartCtrl.Scrollbars.HorizontalVisible   'Returns a boolean indicating whether or not the horizontal scrollbar will be displayed
boolValue = XYChartCtrl.Scrollbars.VerticalVisible     'Returns a boolean indicating whether or not the vertical scrollbar will be displayed

XYChartCtrl.Scrollbars.HorizontalVisible = TRUE        'Display the horizontal scrollbar 
XYChartCtrl.Scrollbars.VerticalVisible = FALSE         'Do not display the vertical scrollbar 

XYChartCtrl.Refresh                                    'Refresh required to update chart with changes made


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