Use this property to return/set values that determines the Y axis (horizontal) grid line characteristics for the plot.

YGrid uses the Line Class set of properties for its characteristics.



If XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineOption = loCustom Then
     intValue = XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineStyle        'Returns the y-axis' line style
     intValue = XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineWidth        'Returns the y-axis' line width
     longValue = XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineColor       'Returns the y-axis' line color
End If

XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineOption = loNone       'No horizontal grid lines will be displayed
XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineOption = loCustom     'Horizontal grid lines will be displayed
XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineStyle = soDash        'Sets line style to use Dashes
XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineWidth = woOnePoint    'Sets line width
XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineColor = vbBlue        'Sets line color to Blue

XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineColor = RGB(0,0,255)  'Alternate method for setting the color to blue
XYChartCtrl.YGrid.LineColor = &hFF0000      'Alternate method for setting the color to blue

XYChartCtrl.Refresh                         'Refresh required to update chart with changes made


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