XY Chart NET 3 Control Reference
PlotMouseMove Event

This event is generated whenever the user moves the mouse over the plot area.   Refer to Chart Overview for an illustration of XY Chart NET's major components.

If Y-Stacking is being used, the chart will display more than one plot area.  In this case, a PlotMouseMove event will not be raised if the mouse moves over the gap between the plots.

[Visual Basic]
Event PlotMouseMove(Button As MouseButtons, Index As Integer, xPos As Integer, yPos As Integer)
PlotMouseMove(System.Windows.Forms.MouseButtons Button, int Index, int xPos, int yPos)
PlotMouseMove(System::Windows::Forms::MouseButtons Button, System::Int32 Index, System::Int32 xPos, System::Int32 yPos)
Indicates which mouse button was pressed.
A value greater than -1 indicates the graph's y-stacked index.  Y-stacked graphs are drawn with index 0 at the top, then index 1, and so on.
Indicates the x-position within the chart in pixels.
Indicates the y-position within the chart in pixels.
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