XY Chart NET 3 Control Reference
XScaleMouseDown Event

This event is generated whenever the user positions the mouse over the x-axis scale area and presses down on its left, right, or middle button.  Refer to Chart Overview for an illustration of XY Chart NET's major components.

[Visual Basic]
Event XScaleMouseDown(Button As MouseButtons, Index As Integer, xPos As Integer, yPos As Integer)
XScaleMouseDown(System.Windows.Forms.MouseButtons Button, int Index, int xPos, int yPos)
XScaleMouseDown(System::Windows::Forms::MouseButtons Button, System::Int32 Index, System::Int32 xPos, System::Int32 yPos)
Indicates which mouse button was pressed.
Indicates which x-axis scale index the mouse was clicked on.
Indicates the x-position within the chart in pixels.
Indicates the y-position within the chart in pixels.
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