This event is generated whenever the user is in the crosshairs mode (see Toolbar) and the user moves the mouse cursor over the XY Chart plot area.  Use this event to obtain the crosshairs’ corresponding X and/or Y coordinates.



'XYChartCtl1 is the name of the XY Chart control instance placed on the form

'This example will display each scale coordinate value in its own label control

Private Sub XYChartCtl1_CrossHairsMove()             

    X1Label.Caption = XYChartCtl1.XCoordinate(1)      'Display x-coordinate of the first X-axis in label X1Label

    X2Label.Caption = XYChartCtl1.XCoordinate(2)      'Display x-coordinate of the second X-axis in label X2Label

    Y1Label.Caption = XYChartCtl1.YCoordinate(1)      'Display y-coordinate of the first Y-axis in label Y1Label

    Y2Label.Caption = XYChartCtl1.YCoordinate(2)      'Display y-coordinate of the second Y-axis in label Y2Label

    Y3Label.Caption = XYChartCtl1.YCoordinate(3)      'Display y-coordinate of the third Y-axis in label Y3Label

    Y4Label.Caption = XYChartCtl1.YCoordinate(4)      'Display y-coordinate of the fourth Y-axis in label Y4Label

    Y5Label.Caption = XYChartCtl1.YCoordinate(5)      'Display y-coordinate of the fifth Y-axis in label Y5Label

End Sub


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