An event occurs as a result of an action performed by the user.   XY Chart generates a number of events that allows the user to act upon and perform specific operations. 

To act upon an event select the XY Chart control’s instance name from the Object drop-down list box:

Next, select the control’s event from the Procedure drop-down list box:


The following table summarizes the events generated by the XY Chart control.  Click on an Event link to obtain further information.


 Click  XScaleClick










 ExportDataButtonSelected  YScaleClick
 LegendClick  YScaleDoubleClick
 LegendDoubleClick  YScaleMouseDown
 LegendMouseDown  YScaleMouseMove
 LegendMouseMove  YScaleMouseUp
 LegendMouseUp  YScroll


 PlotDoubleClick  ZoomInSelected


 PlotMouseMove  ZoomOutAllSelected
 PlotMouseUp  ZoomOutComplete
 PrintButtonSelected  ZoomOutSelected




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