This event is generated whenever the user double-clicks the mouse (left, middle, or right button) over the plot area.  Refer to Overview for an illustration of XY Chart's major components.  

If Y-Stacking is being used, the chart will display more than one plot area.  In this case, a PlotDoubleClick event will not be raised if the gap between the plots is double-clicked on.  Instead, a DoubleClick event is raised.    

The parameters passed along with the event are described below.



Index A value greater than 0 indicates the graph's y-stacked index.  Y-stacked graphs are drawn with index 1 at the top, then index 2, and so on.
xPos Indicates the x-position within the chart in twips.
yPos Indicates the y-position within the chart in twips.


Note:  A PlotClick event is also generated during a double-click over the plot.  It is generated before the PlotDoubleClick event is raised.



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