Use this property to return/set values that determines the characteristics for the chart's Legend.

Legend property uses the Legend Class set of properties for its characteristics.



XYChartCtrl.Legend.Visible = TRUE         'Display the Legend
XYChartCtrl.Legend.BorderVisible = TRUE   'Draw a border around the Legend
XYChartCtrl.Legend.YScaleVisible = TRUE   'Display profile's y-coordinate during crosshairs mode
XYChartCtrl.Refresh                       'Refresh required to update chart with changes made

XYChartCtrl.Legend.Visible = TRUE                   'Display the Legend
If (XYChartCtrl.Legend.BorderVisible = TRUE) Then   
     XYChartCtrl.Legend.BorderVisible = FALSE       'No border around the Legend
End If
XYChartCtrl.Refresh                                 'Refresh required to update chart with changes made


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