Use this property to obtain the current maximum y-value, of a specific y-axis, displayed on the graph.  Valid parameter values for MaxYValue are 1..NumYScales.  The value returned is a double.

NOTE:  This property is read-only.



'XYChartCtl1 is the name of the XY Chart control instance placed on the form

'MinYText is an array of textbox controls 

'MaxYText is an array of textbox controls

Private Sub XYChartCtl1_ZoomIn()

    MinYText(0).Text = XYChartCtl1.MinYValue(1)       'Obtain y-axis 1 minimum value

    MinYText(1).Text = XYChartCtl1.MinYValue(2)       'Obtain y-axis 2 minimum value

    MinYText(2).Text = XYChartCtl1.MinYValue(3)       'Obtain y-axis 3 minimum value

    MinYText(3).Text = XYChartCtl1.MinYValue(4)       'Obtain y-axis 4 minimum value

    MinYText(4).Text = XYChartCtl1.MinYValue(5)       'Obtain y-axis 5 minimum value

    MaxYText(0).Text = XYChartCtl1.MaxYValue(1)       'Obtain y-axis 1 maximum value

    MaxYText(1).Text = XYChartCtl1.MaxYValue(2)       'Obtain y-axis 2 maximum value

    MaxYText(2).Text = XYChartCtl1.MaxYValue(3)       'Obtain y-axis 3 maximum value

    MaxYText(3).Text = XYChartCtl1.MaxYValue(4)       'Obtain y-axis 4 maximum value

    MaxYText(4).Text = XYChartCtl1.MaxYValue(5)       'Obtain y-axis 5 maximum value

End Sub


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