XY Chart NET 3 Control Reference
Error Logging

XY Chart NET provides detailed diagnostics using MicroSoft's Event Viewer.   Event Viewer is accessible by selecting Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Event Viewer.   When an error occurs and the error logging feature is enabled, XY Chart NET first creates an XYChartNET event source, if does not already exist, and then writes the error log to this event source.  Only one XYChartNET event source is created and updated for all applications using one or more instances of XY Chart NET control.

All events logged by XY Chart NET may be viewed by launching the Event Viewer and then selecting XYChartNET event source.  The events are listed by date and time.  Select an event to view the details of the log entry. 

To create an event source in Windows Vista and later or Windows Server 2003, you must have administrative privileges.



The format of the error log entry is as follows:


The following is a sample of an error log entry:

      [Form1.XYChartNETCtl2] (ChartData) Y data not numeric.  Defaulting to 0.  (Error data at index: 3, row: 32)

To Enable Feature

Programmatically set the LogEvent property to configure and enable this feature.



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