XY Chart NET 3 Control Reference
LogEvent Property

Use this property to return/set values that determines the chart control's event logging characteristics.  LogEvent uses the LogEvent Class set of properties for its characteristics.

[Visual Basic]
Property LogEvent() As C_LogEvent
XYChartNet.XYChartNETCtl.C_LogEvent XYChartNETCtl.LogEvent
property XYChartNet::XYChartNETCtl::C_LogEvent ^ XYChartNet::XYChartNETCtl::LogEvent
' XYChartNETCtl1 is the name of the XY Chart NET control instance placed on the form.

Private Sub Form_Load()
   Dim strTmp1 As String
   Dim strTmp2 As String

   With XYChartNETCtl1.LogEvent
      .Enable = True                 'Turn the logging feature ON
      strTmp1 = .FormName            'Get the current name used to identify the form
      strTmp2 = .CTRLInstName        'Get the current name used to identify the XYChartNETCtl object

      .FormName = "FORM_Sample1"     'Identify form as "FORM_Sample1"
      .CTRLInstName = "CTRL_Chart1"  'Identify the XYChartNETCtl object as "CTRL_Chart1"

      .Clear                         'Clear all entries in XYChartNET event source
   End With

End Sub
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