XY Chart NET 3 Control Reference

A Property is a named attribute of an object, in this case, the XY Chart NET component object.   XY Chart NET provides a number of properties that allow you to programmatically define the behaviour and characteristics for your component.

The following table summarizes the properties available to the XY Chart NET component.   Click on a Property link to obtain further information.

AbsMaxXValue OverrideSaveImageButton
AbsMaxYValue Plot
AbsMinXValue PrintSettings
AbsMinYValue Profile
Annotations ProfileData
BackColor ProfileOHLCCoordinates
Border ProfileOHLCData
ChartData ProfileXData
Column ProfileYCoordinate
Crosshairs ProfileYData
CustomToolbar Row
Data ScaleFactor
DeltaCrosshairs ScaleInterval
Gradient ScaleWidthHeight
Language Scrollbars
Legend TickLabelSpacing
LicenseKey Title
LogEvent Toolbar
MaxXValue Trend
MaxYValue XAxis
MinXValue XCoordinate
MinYValue XDeltaCoordinates
NumProfiles YAxis
NumXScales YCoordinate
NumYScales YDeltaCoordinates
NumYStacks YStack
OverrideExportDataButton YStacking
OverridePrintButton ZoomWindowColor


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