XY Chart NET 3 Control Reference
Redraw Method

Use this method to update the XY Chart NET control with any property changes made.   This method is similar to Refresh, in that the chart is regenerated with the new property settings, but it does NOT change the scales current min and max values.  For instance, if a chart is zoomed in and a data point value is modified (as in the example below), Redraw will regenerate the chart with the new data point value, but the zoomed in state will be maintained.

[Visual Basic]
Sub Redraw()
void XYChartNETCtl.Redraw()
void Redraw()
' XYChartNETCtl1 is the name of the XY Chart NET control instance placed on the form.

XYChartNETCtl1.BackColor = Color.Yellow   'Set the chart's background color to yellow

XYChartNETCtl1.Row = 2
XYChartNETCtl1.Column = 0
XYChartNETCtl1.Data = 0.75                'Update the third x-value for profile 0 to 0.75

XYChartNETCtl1.Row = 2
XYChartNETCtl1.Column = 2
XYChartNETCtl1.Data = 1.25                'Update the third x-value for profile 1 to 1.25

XYChartNETCtl1.Redraw                     'Redraw the chart with the new values
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