XY Chart NET 3 Control Reference
SetNULLData Method

Use this method along with the Column and Row properties to set any data point value to NULL.  NULL data points, for x and/or y (or open, high, low, close for candle profiles), are not plotted on the chart.

[Visual Basic]
Sub SetNULLData()
void XYChartNETCtl.SetNULLData()
void SetNULLData()
' XYChartNETCtl1 is the name of the XY Chart NET control instance placed on the form.

XYChartNETCtl1.Row = 2         'Set the row to 2, i.e. 3rd data sample
XYChartNETCtl1.Column = 5      'Set the column to 5, i.e. y-data for profile 2
XYChartNETCtl1.SetNULLData()   'Set the data at (Row, Column) cell location to NULL
XYChartNETCtl1.Refresh()       'Refresh required to update chart with changes made
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