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IMCalc v1.6.2 adds support for Windows 7

May 7, 2010

IMCalc v1.6.2, Inertia & Mass Calculator adds support for Windows 7, and also includes the new ControlEng, IMCalc and SERVOsoft logos.

About IMCalc

IMCalc is freeware, for anyone to use or distribute, so long as the original program is not altered in any way.

IMCalc creates a table of elements and calculates the total inertia and mass of all elements in the table. Several shapes are supported including a cylinder, block, cone, sphere, as well as generic inputs where the mass and inertia are manually entered. All values can be saved in their own project file.

No installation required. No files are installed on your computer, and no external files are required. Just download, unzip and run.