XY Chart NET 3 Control Reference

Welcome to XY Chart NET, an engineering and scientific charting tool for your applications!

XY Chart NET provides engineers, scientists and developers with a powerful, easy-to-use XY chart that integrates seamlessly into your Windows forms NET applications.  Ready-to-use built-in functions including zoom, scrollbars, pan, annotations, crosshairs and delta crosshairs allow users to analyze charts with ease and precision.  Ideally suited for technical applications such as motion control, process monitoring, trending and analysis, industrial automation and general application development.  XY Chart NET takes care of all your XY charting needs.

This help file documents each feature built into XY Chart NET as well as describes each property, method and event. 

Reviewing this help file as well as the code samples will have you using XY Chart NET confidently in a very short time.

What's New in Version 3
Support for Financial/Economic charting.
Option to show or hide Weekends for datetime data using the new DateIncludeWeekends property.
Support to allow Annotations to be created programmatically or via the Toolbar.
Support to allow more toolbar buttons to be added to the toolbar strip programmatically via the new CustomToolbar property.
Gradient support for (Profile) Markers/Bar/Fill/Candle/Recession and Annotations (Rectangle and Ellipse).
Localization support.
New DeltaCrosshairs Toolbar button.
New property in YStack class:  GapHeight.
New properties in Scale class:  AutoScaleRangeFactor and DateIncludeWeekends.
New properties in Toolbar class:  ToolTipBackColor, ToolTipForeColor, ButtonsWidth and ButtonsHeight.


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