XY Chart NET

ActiveX vs NET v3 Pro

ActiveX controls are supported in .NET. However, ActiveX controls can be cumbersome to work with in .NET, and usually do not take full advantage of the .NET platform. If you are upgrading your application from an older platform to Visual Studio .NET 2005/8/10/12, consider upgrading to XY Chart NET Pro. Plus take advantage of the many new features only available in XY Chart NET Pro.

XY Chart NET includes all XY Chart ActiveX features plus the following:

  ActiveX NET Pro
Max X scales 10 100
Max Y scales 10 100
Max Y stacks 10 100
Max profiles
8,000 250,000
Max samples per profile
1,000,000 1,000,000
X & Y scales with left/right & top/bottom placement  
Bar charts, horizontal & vertical more »  
Profile fill more »  
Inverted scales more »  
Cardinal spline interpolation more »  
Chart gradient support with plot transparency more »  
Hatching more »  
Layering of custom graphic objects  
Full unicode support more »  
Inheritance to extend all chart classes  
Print Preview more »  
Save chart image to BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, etc.  
Length of profile and scale labels increased from 20 to 100  
Toolbar position left, right, top or bottom  


Upgrading to NET Pro also allows the continued use of the ActiveX license in parrallel with NET Pro. This allows developers with existing ActiveX applications to continue development and maintenance of existing applications, and in parallel develop next generation applications in Visual Studio .NET.