XY Chart NET

XY Chart NET Upgrade Policy

Upgrade Policy

If you have already purchased a license:

  • Free minor version upgrades for the life of the product.
  • Major version upgrades are offered at 50% discount off the standard price.
  • An example of a major version upgrade is v2.2 to v3.0. An example of a minor version upgrade is v2.1 to v2.2, or v2.1 to v2.5.

Upgrade from XY Chart NET Lite to Pro

XY Chart NET Lite users can upgrade to the Pro version for the price difference between the Lite and Pro versions, so there is no risk in starting with the Lite version.

See the XY Chart NET Lite vs Pro table for the Lite vs Pro comparison table.

Upgrade from XY Chart ActiveX to XY Chart NET Pro

Upgrade from XY Chart ActiveX to NET Pro with a 50% discount off the XY Chart NET Pro price. One developer license ActiveX to NET Pro upgrade is only $499 USD.

Upgrading to NET Pro also allows the continued use of the ActiveX license in parrallel with NET Pro. This allows developers with existing ActiveX applications to continue development and maintenance of existing applications, and in parallel develop next generation applications in Visual Studio .NET.

Why upgrade? See the XY Chart ActiveX vs NET Pro comparison table.

You can order the XY Chart ActiveX to NET Pro upgrade here.