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ControlEng Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary!

Aug. 6, 2013

ControlEng Corporation is proud to announce its 10th Anniversary on Aug 6, 2013!

We started the company with one goal, to make the best servo system sizing software in the world. And to do that, we decided from day one that we needed to build two core products - XY Chart and SERVOsoft.

XY Chart provides the charting capability that no other chart component provides for engineering and scientific applications like SERVOsoft. If you will, XY Chart is the "secret sauce" of SERVOsoft.

Released in October 2004, SERVOsoft® quickly gained market acceptance in the motion control industry, and now is the industry leader and benchmark by which all other sizing tools are measured.

Fast forward to today, we have thousands of customers all around the world. But how did we get from 2003 to 2013? Our committed customers! Specifically, the early adopters, and our project partners and power users, who provided, and continue to provide, high quality and valuable feedback. It's a cliché, but it is an absolute truth for all in business - "It's about the customer!". Many, many thanks!

We look forward to working with all our customers, project partners and power users to continue advancing our products to make them best they can be, for you, our customers.


Christian Vardin, P.Eng
President | ControlEng Corporation