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SEW-EURODRIVE is expanding its portfolio in SERVOsoft® with Servomotors from the CMP and CM3C Series

Feb. 14, 2024

Following the successful integration of the PxG® planetary servo gear units (News Release 2022-03-11), the servomotor series CMP and CM3C are now available in SERVOsoft®, thus making it possible to select both gear units and motors from SEW-EURODRIVE.


CMP Series – High Dynamic Line

CMP servomotors are suitable for highly dynamic applications across the entire speed range. They are available in 7 motor sizes and a total of 31 motor grades. They offer standstill torques of 0.5 Nm to 95 Nm and can reach a peak torques of up to 320 Nm.




CM3C Series – Medium inertia line

Servomotors of the CM3C series offer the best conditions for moving large loads with high dynamics and precision. The CM3C servomotor series therefore has an increased inertia. This makes the servomotors suitable for all automation, handling and travel applications with correspondingly high load moment of inertia. With their 4 sizes 63, 71, 80 and 100, they can cover standstill torques from 2.7 to 40 Nm and achieve a peak torques of up to 120 Nm.


You will find more information on the website of SEW-EURODRIVE

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