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ControlEng proudly posts new lower SERVOsoft prices on web site

May 16, 2014

To All SERVOsoft Customers,

We have recently announced some big changes at ControlEng Corporation.

  1. SERVOsoft is the industry standard servo system sizing tool. However, we are seeing that there are certain markets and potential users that are more price conscious than others. As it is our goal to make SERVOsoft available to everyone, we have worked hard to significantly reduce some of our prices by as much as 55%. In this way we hope to further increase the number of SERVOsoft users and further grow the business for the benefit of all our customers.
  2. We have decided that price transparency is important for all customers and so we have published our prices online at Features & Prices.
  3. We have clearly explained our Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) on our Features & Prices page. Note that the AMP only applies to the DGL SA and DGL NW license types.
  4. We have introduced the ACT 365 license, which is a 1-year software activation license (no dongle), offered at a very low price point. The ACT 365 license type appeals to those users that do not like dongles. And because it is a single user license, the ACT 365 license is priced 60% less than the same DGL SA version.
  5. Another big change is the true availability of the LITE and ADVANCED versions. Though technically available since the first SERVOsoft version back in 2004, these versions were only offered to just a few peopleā€¦ until now.
  6. In addition to EUR, we now accept payment in USD and CAD. European customers will continue to be quoted and pay in EUR. All other customers will be quoted in USD and can pay in USD. Of course, our local Canadian customers will be quoted and pay in CAD.
  7. We are working on handling standard orders online on our web site. I expect the first phase of this will be completed in the next 6-8 weeks, with the ACT 365 license type as the ideal product to be purchased online. Online orders allow customers to purchase SERVOsoft immediately, and not have to wait for the sales process steps of a quote, PO, invoice, payment, etc.

We sincerely hope you like the changes! We are planning more for later in 2014!

Your feedback, whether good or not so good, is ALWAYS welcome!

Yours truly,

Christian Vardin, P.Eng
President | ControlEng Corporation