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SERVOsoft Features & Pricing

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Version Education Lite Advanced Pro
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ACT 365 $39**
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DGL SA     $1,249
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DGL NW     $4,372
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* Pro version has option to purchase the Optimizer Pro
1 For Renewals | Maintenance see ACT 365 Renewals | DGL Maintenance
2 See SERVOsoft for Educators special offers


New to version 4

Project Structure

Number of axes 2 2 9 50
Number of transformations 3 3 10 10
Number of gearboxes in drive train 1 1 10 10
Infeed Modules per Power Group 1 1 3 3
Bleeder Modules per Power Group 1 1 3 3
Capacitor Modules per Power Group 1 1 3 3
Multiple Drives, Infeed, Bleeder and Capacitor Modules in parallel in the same slot    
Multiple Motors, Transformations, Gearboxes and Linear Actuators in parallel in the same axis    
Multiple Power Groups      

Start-up and Help

Easy Size Wizard
Servo Sizing Process Explained
Extensive Help File
System Check of all components
Utilization bars

Electrical Components Database Selection

Infeed, Bleeder & Capacitor Modules
Energy Storage Modules

Mechanical Components Database Selection

Rotary motors
Rack & Pinions  
Gearbox Pinions  
Linear Actuators  
Ball Screws  
Drive Motors (Motor Integrated Drives)
Linear Motors
Gear Motors
Servo Pump


Belt & Pulley
Ball Screw
Rack & Pinion
Pin Roller
Linear Actuators  
Rotary with unbalanced loads
Dual Conveyor
Dual Rack and Conveyor
Winder Centre Driven
Winder Surface Driven
Linear Motors
Slider Crank
Servo Pump
Rotary with Position Based Load

Analysis Tools

Max-Stop Analysis
Ratio Analysis
Disable Power Calculations
for any Axis/Slot
Motor Performance chart with
option to display 2 Qaudrants,
Motoring & Generating
Energy Cost Model
Extended Energy Cost Model
Cost breakdown for each component
Project vs project cost analysis
Import traces in Sequence chart
Bus Discharge
Optimizer Lite
Optimizer Pro and Curve Fitting Option


Database Updates
Add / Edit Database Records
Database Utility  

Motion Profiles

Number of Segments 2000 2000 10,000 10,000
True S-Curve / Jerk Profiles
Motor brake On/Off defined in Sequence
Import Complex Profiles
Quick Import Sequence to quickly
reload a changed source file
Rotary Knife, Flying Shear, Cut to Length
CAM Profiles
Polynomials and Splines
Load Formula for Payload & Thrust


Generate Reports in PDF
Print Configuration settings
saved in project file