Download v3

SERVOsoft® v4 Download

Select one of the installation types listed bellow to download the software.

SERVOsoft® Activation Version

Includes Trial, Lite, Advanced, Pro and Manufacturer versions
Software only license (no dongle) bound to the PC hardware
Virtual Machines (VMs) are not supported
Note: Manufacturer versions not enabled yet in v4. Please use v3.

SERVOsoft® Dongle Version

Includes Lite, Advanced and Pro versions
Stand Alone and Network License USB Dongle Solution
Virtual Machines (VMs) are supported
IT administrators can download the CodeMeter Runtime, which is required for network licenses

SERVOsoft® Terminal Server

Allows remote users to login and use SERVOsoft without having to install any software on their own PC
Supports Windows Server, Citrix, and other terminal server type solutions
Available for manufacturers, vendors, distributors and integrators
CodeMeter Runtime is required for license management

SERVOsoft® Database

The database is common to ALL program versions.
You can also get the latest database using SERVOsoft under 'Tools > Update Database'.

CodeMeter Runtime

CodeMeter Runtime Network License Server manages Network and Terminal Server licenses

Network License Server
Version: v6.40b
Size: 35 MB
Server instructions: Network Server Setup Instructions
User instructions: Network User Setup Instructions