SERVOsoft® v4 Download

SERVOsoft® Program

A unified package for ACT / DGL licenses, and includes
Trial, Education, Lite, Advanced, Pro and Manufacturer versions.

SERVOsoft® Database

The database is common to ALL program versions

CodeMeter Runtime

CodeMeter Runtime License Server manages Local & Network Server licenses

For companies using a Network License Server (NWLS), please make sure your IT department updates CodeMeter Runtime on your NWLS before client machines are upgraded to v4.4.

Network License Server
Version: v7.40b
Size: 72 MB
Server instructions: Network Server Setup Instructions
User instructions: Network User Setup Instructions


Other CodeMeter Versions Size SERVOsoft 72 MB v4.3.116 or newer 47 MB v4.3x - v4.3.110 40 MB v4.2