SERVOsoft News

SERVOsoft® v3.2 Released with EXLAR Linear Actuators,
STOBER+ATALANTA Gearbox Pinions, & Windows 8 Support

Mar 20, 2013

SERVOsoft® v3.2 is released with new powerful features:

  • Linear Actuators
  • Motor Linear Actuators
  • Drive Motor Linear Actuators
  • Drive Motors
  • Drive Gear Motors
  • Rack & Gearbox Pinions

This is a big release! In addition to the above new features, SERVOsoft® v3.2 adds support for Windows 8, plus there are many enhancements and bug fixes. For all the details, please see the revision log.

SERVOsoft® v3.2 introduces the concept of Combined Products, such as an integrated drive and motor, called a "Drive Motor", where the drive and motor is one product. The same approach applies to Motor Linear Actuators, Gearbox Pinions, etc.

Complex challenging projects such as the Linear Actuators and the Gearbox Pinions require close working partnerships with product experts in these fields. All the new features are the result of 10 months of design, development and testing with our project partners. The Linear Actuators feature was developed in close partnership with EXLAR, and the Rack & Gearbox Pinion feature was developed in close partnership with STOBER and ATLANTA. All three were excellent project partners!

The SERVOsoft® database continues to grow with frequent updates, and now contains over 77,000+ products! Click here for a summary of the current products in the database.

If you are a vendor and want to add your products to the SERVOsoft® database and/or are interested in the Promotion Version, please contact us.