SERVOsoft® Help

The SERVOsoft help file is extensive, and truly second to none in the industry. Charts and illustrations clearly explain the fundamentals of servo system design and SERVOsoft’s internal calculations. Detailed formulae are provided so that users can understand the calculations for themselves. The help file serves as an excellent training and educational tool for servo system design.

The TRIAL version of the help file is available online in English and German.

Key elements of the help file are:

  • What's New  EN | DE
  • Main form  EN | DE
  • Servo sizing process  EN | DE
  • Common tasks  EN | DE
  • 15 drive mechanisms with detailed formulae  EN | DE
  • Motion profile details including Jerk, S-curving and profile types  EN | DE
  • Importing a sequence from the Clipboard, Excel or text file  EN | DE
  • Vendors & Product Zones  EN | DE