SERVOsoft® Product Data Entry

Provide us with your data to include in the database

Download the Excel database spreadsheet, fill in your data and then Submit Product Data to us. Existing customers, we will add your products in 1-2 days. Vendors wishing to add several products, please contact us at for more details.

SERVOsoft® Database v4.5
Filename: SERVOsoftDatabasev4.5.xlsx
Version: v4.5.3
Date: Jul 13, 2023
Size: 366 kB

Common Questions Asked by Vendors

Q1. Can product data from the database spreadsheet be imported to a local test database?
A1. Yes. This allows you to test the data yourself. Please see our Database FAQ#1: How can I add my products to the SERVOsoft database?

Q2. Is vendor product data shared with anyone?
A2. No. Product data in raw form, such as in a spreadsheet, is not shared with anyone. It is and has always been our policy to hold the data in strictest confidence and not share it with anyone.

Q3. How is the product data used?
A3. Product data is in the database that is shipped with the program, or as a database update downloaded from our web server. In all cases, the database is always secured and encrypted using a strong password. The password is not given to anyone. Users work with the product data only by using SERVOsoft.

Q4. Can SERVOsoft export product data?
A4. No, product data cannot be exported from the database using SERVOsoft or the Database Utility.