SERVOsoft is an indispensable tool for

drive systems suppliers, machine manufacturers, mechatronics, mechanical, electrical and application engineers who work with servo systems. SERVOsoft® sizes complete multi-axis servo systems including rotary & linear motors, gear motors, gearboxes, couplings, linear actuators, pumps, drives, inverters, infeed, bleeder, capacitor and energy storage modules, with 15  mechanisms, up to 50  axes in a shared bus or stand alone configuration, and 150,000+ products in the database.

Features Overview

Sequences & Motion Profiles

Create sequences with S-curve/Jerk, CAM and Polynomial profiles. Import from Excel, ASCII, and other external tools. Define load formulae for payload, thrust, force/torque, shaft loads and unbalanced loads. View any profile, including motion, torque, current, power, etc. in the Sequence chart. SERVOsoft models dynamic profiles from the load to the power plug!

Master-Follower Mode

Define motion sequences for each Follower axis with respect to its Master axis position. Supports Constant and Variable Master Sequences for dynamic scenarios such as Max-Stop mode. Once all sequences are defined, users can ramp up or down the entire Power Group simply by changing the Master axis.

15 Drive Mechanisms

More mechanisms than any other sizing tool in the industry, with rotary with unbalanced load, dual stage mechanisms like the rack conveyor, highly configurable ball screw mechanism, as well as dynamic load mechanisms like center and surface driven winders and the slider crank.

Up to 50 Axes

Create projects with up to 50 axes in one project in a shared bus or stand alone configuration. Capture the complete system in ONE project file, where multi-axis calculations provide for detailed power flow and energy storage analysis, and accurate energy consumption and energy cost of the entire system.

150,000+ Products in the Database

The database includes all products types including drives, infeed, bleeder and capacitor modules, rotary and linear motors, gear motors, gearboxes, couplings, rack and pinions, ball screws, linear actuators and servo pumps.
For more details, see Database FAQ#3.